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Not quite the Ladies Who Lunch…


We are the Ladies Who Sing….Music from around the world! Led by the peerless Peggy Larson, we sing songs from Argentina to Zimbabwe, from Scotland to The Netherlands to our own backyard. If you love to create rich harmonies and discover new worlds with music, join us!

We have two “seasons” each year and rehearse weekly from September to mid-December and from February to May.

Earthones Bio

Earthtones is a world music choir for women led by the peerless Peggy Larson, whose career as a jazz singer, choral director, world music expert spans several decades - and continents - including performing and directing both in the US and the Netherlands. Peggy’s skill and passion shine through in rich, dynamic performances that draw out the best from her singers and bring audiences, clapping and cheering, to their feet.
The Earthtones have been singing together under Peggy’s exceptional direction since Peggy started the choir in 2001. Choir members benefit not only from Peggy’s expert direction, but also enjoy lively rehearsals and the deep bond that comes from making music with other people. Many of the choir members have been with the Earthtones for more than 10 years!
Each year the choir chooses a theme and Peggy collects and/or arranges songs from around the world that fit the theme. Then the choir sets to work with weekly rehearsals to learn the music. Earthtones music comes from all corners of the world and the women have performed songs from Argentina to South Africa, from Scottish mouth music to Norwegian kulokks and Sami yoiks.

If you’d like more information about joining the Earthtones, contact the director, Peggy Larson at                                                 


You can learn more about Peggy's workshops, concerts, and lectures at


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